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Specify your goal

Most people want to have a website, but haven't really thought it trough. In most cases people have a certain goal in mind and they didn't really know if the website will help achieving this goal. So the first tip is: "what do I want to achieve with my website?".

Less is often more

Most people and especially the new generation are exposed to lots of information. Most of this information is ignored, because the brain always tries to distinguish useful from useless information. So if that's so, you want to give only the information people are looking for, so reduce noise if possible. So when creating a website page think about what is most important and make sure everything on the page supports the most important information. So the next tip is: Come to the point, reduce noise, because "less is often more."

Also write for SEO

Use words in your web texts that people search for in the Google Engine. If you use jargon be aware of the fact that people who are not into these terms never use it to search on Google. So if you write a fancy name of a washing machine in your web text. Something like: 'Samsung washing machine TG3100'. Mainly people who specifically search for this washing machine will find it. Maybe people use search terms as 'cheap washing machine', 'washing machine free delivery' or 'washing machine good environment'. So, the third tip; consider to do some keyword research before you write your web text.

Design for mobile

When the first websites were created something as mobile websites didn't existed. Creating a website was 100% for desktop and laptop screens. In 20 years time this gradually changed to other resolutions and since the introduction of responsive web design you cannot ignore mobile anymore. Nowadays most visitors of a website are probably visiting your mobile website. So take in mind to design not only for big screens, but also for small ones if you want to give your visitor a pleasant experience.

Be the student

In a work field that changes rapidly the best skill you can have is adaptability and a great personality trait would be curiosity. No, you can't create a personality trait, but you can train yourself to be curious for ideas etc. So when you're the eternal student you always want to learn new things and that's the way to pass other people by. Most skills in the Marketing world adapt every 5 years, so try to have an infinite mindset. Try to learn always and not for a certain time and the most important thing is: enjoy learning, because when you fail you still enjoy the process.

A website is never ready

So you worked on your website for weeks or months and it took you a lot of work. You can't wait to publish it and wait until new customers will visit your website and call or e-mail you. I wish I could say it was that easy, bit it isn't, especially now when everyone can create a simple website themselves. People expect a lot before they visit your website and it takes very long before they will trust you. And ever thought how people are going to find your website? So you can imagine that when your website is online it isn't ready, but it's just getting started. So, my next tip is: Think about how you can improve your website and then implement it consistently, every month or so. Don't be an instant gratification guy or girl, but create an infinite mindset and think long term, this will help you a lot.

Create creativity

Don't think that creativity is something that's spontaneous emerges. You need to be in a situation that you can obtain creativity. It's not plausible that you get creativity by sitting on your chair in front of your screen. So go out for a walk or do something totally different during the day. Play music, or play with your pet in the garden. This is the moment you come lose from the focus that withhold your brain from making new connections. So, my next tip is: create a situation or environment that enhances your brain being creative and increase the chances of getting some great ideas or solutions.

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