My Story

Cameraman and Video-editor

In 2010 I graduated as a cameraman and video editor at Sint Lucas in Eindhoven. I still have the passion for video and film that I had then, but a lot of passions have been added over the years. After my study at Sint Lucas I temporarily started working at a video company, but after two years I decided to follow the Communication & Multimedia Design course in Maastricht. There I became acquainted with a lot of subjects that I had never heard of before and it grabbed my interest, because I like to learn and am curious about new things.

Communication and Multimedia-design

At CMD I learned HTML, CSS and jQuery, the basics of building websites. Responsive design did not emerge, just like WordPress. Back then I still had to write source code and I'm glad I got that basis. I now benefit a lot from that. Courses like usability design, (designing for human behavior) and for example Web Writing were courses I took, all new and interesting.

Online Marketing job

In year four of the study, I followed a minor in the United States, a great time where I further specialized in the promotion component within marketing. This was followed by my graduation at the MUMC+ in Maastricht, where I gained a lot of experience in Online Marketing. After four years, I graduated as a Multimedia Designer at the Hogeschool in Maastricht and started working at my first job. My work consisted of a combination of graphic design for online and offline expressions and general online marketing. Because of my background I was able to perform many different genomes, resulting in products and services which better connect with each other with better results

SEO/SEA Specialist

After a year I started my own business next to a part-time job as an employee, so I resigned from my first employer and started working as an Online Marketing specialist at my new employer. Here I work as a specialist in areas such as SEO and Google Advertising and recently Link Building. The combination of Web Design, Web Development, graphic design SEO, SEA, Google Display and other online marketing specializations ensures a cocktail with I can serve customers effectively

Online Business

In 2020 I started my Online Company where I make websites for customers and make them discoverable. In doing so, I provide advice and improve and expand online awareness for customers. I am also active in E-commerce and I sell products on
Bjorn Smeets

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